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Meeting customer expectations

Our customer base ranges from small companies with less than five employees to leading international corporations. Those include industry, service companies, and providers. Next to our classical industries, Pharma & Biotech, we do also support companies working in Chemical, and Nutrition.

We have a high proportion of repeat business. Practically all our customers have contracted us for further assignments.

While it is our strict policy to maintain names of our customers confidential, some customer comments are cited here anonymously:

  • “We have recently had an inspection from the British authority. Thanks to the good work you have performed on your process audit, and your recommendations, this turned out really well. Your contribution was definitively vital for this success.”
  • “Yes, we have been inspected by other auditors, but none of them provided the same quality as you did.”
  • “Your statistics seminar was excellent. Many thanks.”
  • “I am glad to have identified your consultant ***. He is very good, and working with him is very special.”
  • “We have contracted similar work to other providers in the past, but with you it is different. We did reveive the data we needed so easily and uncomplicated. Previously there always was a lot of time-consuming discussion.”
  • “Should you ever need a reference please do not hesitate contacting us. We very much appreciate the quality of your work.”
  • “Dear Mr. ***, you are simply reliable, as always. Thank you!”
  • "I am very impressed with the quality of your report with respect to both, formal aspects and contents."
  • About a workshop on medical coding: "The Feedback of all participants was more than positive"

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